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         RICHARD  AVEDON     
         born 1923



Described by ARTnews in 1994 as "one of the most successful and widely imitated photographers in the world," Richard Avedon has spent sixty years creating photographic portraits that have reshaped this tradition. The direct frontality and stark white backgrounds of his large-format black-and-white portraits are characteristic of Avedon's work in this genre. Having learned photography while serving in the merchant marine during World War II, Avedon later made a name for himself in the fashion and advertising industries. Yet his time documenting such difficult subjects as patients in a Louisiana mental hospital and disenfranchised characters in the American West also points to a wider concern for recording American life in its myriad guises.

Self-portrait, New York City
Gelatin silver print
December 12, 1993
Published March 1994
ARTnews Collection, New York City
©1993 Richard Avedon
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