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            CONSTANTIN  BRANCUSI     



When ARTnews took its readers inside Romanian-born sculptor Constantin Brancusi's Parisian home and studio in 1954, it was like entering an alternate dimension. Like his art, his home was clean, simple, and seemed to emanate light. Writer George Duthuit was enthralled by this artist who seemed without precedents, influenced more by philosophers such as Lao-tzu and Confucius than by other sculptors. Duthuit was there for the unveiling of Brancusi's latest masterpiece, The Bird, a marble piece with clean lines that captures the energy of a bird in flight. Captivated by his surroundings and Brancusi's spiritual vision, Duthuit exclaimed, "We still belong, perhaps, to this world, but last minute neo-converts, we have the impression that we have left it."

Wayne F. Miller (born 1918)
Gelatin silver print, 1946
Published October 1954
ARTnews Collection, New York City
©Wayne Miller/Magnum Photos
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