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            GASTON  LACHAISE     

Gaston Lachaise


Born in Paris, artistic prodigy Gaston Lachaise was using his father's woodworking tools to make carvings before he was old enough to attend school. He excelled in his studies and was headed for an accomplished career in France when he met and fell in love with Isabel Dutaud Nagle, who was visiting from America. Lachaise soon gave up his place at the Académie Nationale des Beaux-Arts to earn money and in 1906 moved to Boston to be with Nagle. Called by ARTnews the "greatest American sculptor of his time," Lachaise split his time between creating incomparable portrait sculpture and making sculpture that reflected his vision of the archetypal form of women. Using Isabel as his inspiration and model, Lachaise created pieces whose sexuality and erotic presence pushed the boundaries of nude figuration.

Soichi Sunami (1885-1971)
Gelatin silver print, circa 1934
Published January 1947
ARTnews Collection, New York City
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