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         HENRY  MOORE     



Henry Moore is one of the greatest figures in British art and one of the major artists of the twentieth century. An innovative and influential sculptor, Moore is known primarily for his monumental works in stone and bronze of seated and reclining semiabstract figures—usually female—that are archetypal in form and powerful in effect. Moore created his works to be seen in outdoor settings: "I would rather have a piece of my sculpture put in a landscape, almost any landscape," he once said, "than in the most beautiful of buildings." Irving Penn made this dramatic likeness of Moore in London as part of a series of portraits for Vogue of leading figures in British cultural life. For the assignment, Penn chose to photograph his subjects in an old-fashioned daylight studio, posing them in a featureless setting against a mottled canvas backdrop and relying on sunlight alone to illuminate and model their features.

Henry Moore, London
Irving Penn (born 1917)
Gelatin silver print, 1950
Published December 1984
Irving Penn; courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York City

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