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            ALICE  NEEL     

Alice Neel


ARTnews's article "Introducing the Portraits of Alice Neel" represented the first major feature written about the sixty-two-year-old artist. Best known for her paintings of the "human creature"—she disliked the term "portrait"—Neel had by 1962 spent thirty-five years working as an artist in New York City. In paintings such as T. B. Harlem, pictured on an easel to the left in this 1944 photograph by her partner, Sam Brody, Neel reveals her characteristically strong social conscience. Her depiction of this young Puerto Rican man recovering from surgery for tuberculosis conveys an empathy that was ever-present in her work. Although Neel lacked recognition during much of her early career, her expressionistic compositions were increasingly embraced beginning in the 1960s.

Sam Brody (1907-1985)
Gelatin silver print, 1944
Published October 1962
ARTnews Collection, New York City
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