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Unit 3: Abolition and the Civil War

Summative Activities:

  1. You have studied in depth the contributions of six American men who played significant roles in the Civil War era and whose portraits are included in "A Brush with History: Paintings from the National Portrait Gallery." There are many men and women whose portraits are not part of this exhibition but who also had a vital part in the historic events of this time. Make a list of six additional people who you think should be included, and write a short paragraph stating why you selected each one for inclusion.
    [Standard 3—historical analysis and interpretation]

  2. Select one of the six figures discussed in this unit and write two obituaries for him: one written for a southern newspaper and one written for a northern newspaper.
    [Standard 3—historical analysis and interpretation]

  3. Choose a political cartoon from the Civil War era (see, and work in groups to interpret the meaning of the cartoon. What is the central issue being addressed, and what is the overall message of the cartoon? Identify the individuals represented and discuss the use of caricature, if appropriate. Who is the intended audience?
    [Standard 3—historical analysis and interpretation]

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