Portrait of a man in a robe, a woman in a large ha,t and a sculpture of a woman's head

Paul Robeson by Betsy Graves Reyneau / Oil on canvas, 1944 / Gift of the Harmon Foundation |  Alla Nazimova by Edward Emerson Simmons / Oil on canvas, 1910 / Gift of Val E. Lewton |  Ginger Rogers by Isamu Noguchi, 1942 / Pink Georgia marble / Conserved with funds from the Smithsonian Women's Committee


Third floor mezzanine

BRAVO! showcases individuals who have brought the performing arts to life, beginning with P.T. Barnum, who raised the curtain on modern entertainment in the late-19th century and continuing through the present.

  • Bravo! Exhibition, portraits on the wall

    View of "Bravo!" Photo by Matailong Du. 

  • Bravo! Exhibition, portrait of Elvis Presley on the wall

    View of "Bravo!" Photo by Matailong Du.