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The exhibition catalogue "Elaine De Kooning: Portraits" on display in the museum store
Book cover showing an old black and white photo of the Patent Office building, with the words "Temple of Invention" in large letters

PublicationsTemple of Invention

History of a National Landmark

Author:  Charles J. Robertson

Robertson tells the history of our National Historic Landmark building, beginning with its construction as home of the U.S. Patent Office, its conversion to Civil War barracks and use as the site of Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural ball, through the Smithsonian’s acquisition of the building and its grand reopening in 2006.

Publisher:  Scala Arts Publishers Inc.
Year:  2006
Cover:  Softcover
Number of Pages:  112 pages
Price:  $19.95
Dimensions:  8.9 x 9.3 inches
ISBN-10:  1857593855
ISBN-13:  978-1857593853