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george marshall George C. Marshall
Soldier of Peace

by James G. Barber, with a biographical essay by Larry I. Bland and a personal reminiscence by Colin L. Powell (distributed by Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997), softcover, 8 ½ x 11 in.; 104 pp., $9.95

Published to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Marshall Plan, this catalogue includes illustrations, many in color, of the portraits and memorabilia that trace the career of America's illustrious soldier and statesman through both world wars.

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edith wharton Edith Wharton's World
Portraits of People and Places

by Eleanor Dwight and Viola Hopkins Winner (National Portrait Gallery, 1997), softcover, 8 x 11 in.; 20 pp., $3.50

During her long career, Edith Wharton portrayed the fashionable New York and Newport society that she knew so well in her writings. This brief overview of her life and career includes color illustrations of the author and her circle, along with a checklist of the exhibition.

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a brush with history Red, Hot & Blue
A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical

by Amy Henderson and Dwight Blocker Bowers (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996), hardcover, 9 x 12 in.; 288 pp., $45.00

Lavishly illustrated, Red, Hot & Blue showcases the Hollywood and Broadway musical from its immigrant roots in nineteenth-century vaudeville, through its heyday on both the "Great White Way" and the silver screen, to its retrospective role today in such revivals as Showboat. Chronicling the "fine romance" between the audience and its musical icons, the authors portray the personalities who pushed boundaries of style and content to create an increasingly sophisticated mélange of story, song, and dance.

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Painters and Poets of the 1950s

by Carolyn Kinder Carr and Steven Watson (National Portrait Gallery, 1996), softcover, 8 x 11 in.; 12 pp., $1.25

This booklet examines the revolutions in painting and poetry that took place following World War II. The "Painters" section presents Abstract Expressionists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, and Mark Rothko. The "Poets" section examines poets from the Beat Generation, the San Francisco Renaissance, the Black Mountain Poets, and the New York School. A checklist of the exhibition is included.

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folk portraits of the presidents To the President
Folk Portraits by the People

by James G. Barber, 1993; softcover, 8 x 10 in.; 96 pp., $6.95

Humorous, eye-catching, and illustrated in full color, this book features a selection of fifty-six of the most inventive portraits of the president given to the first family by the nation's citizens. Spanning the administrations from Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton, the stories behind these gifts reveal the wide variety of unique and highly personal perspectives inspired by the occupants of the Oval Office.

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Noble Heritage Noble Heritage
Five Centuries of Portraits from the Hosokawa Family

by Jared Lubarsky (National Portrait Gallery, 1992), softcover, 8 ˝ x 11 in.; 112 pp., $19.95

The heads of the Hosokawa family have taken two paths to prominence—in distinguished service to the governments of their time and in their dedication to the great traditions of Japanese art and scholarship. The portraits and decorative objects—including tea bowls, a Noh mask, and armor—included in this catalogue encompass acquisitions from fourteenth-century family leader Hosokawa Yoriari to late-nineteenth-century leader Hosokawa Yoshikuni.

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