title book cover HALSMAN: A Retrospective
Photographs from the Halsman Family Collection

Introduction by Mary Panzer
212 pages, 168 duotone illustrations
Published by Bulfinch Press,
a division of Little Brown and Company
Hardcover: US: $75.00 | CAN: $100.00
Available at the NPG Museum Shop
Ph: (202) 357-1447

During a career that spanned more than forty years, nearly every leading personality in the arts and many major world figures sat for Philippe Halsman's camera. In this major retrospective, published to coincide with a traveling exhibition, the best of Halsman's brilliant work is included. Here are his famous portraits, many of which have become the definitive image of the subject. Here too are testaments to his fascination with surrealism, such as his famous "Dali Atomicus," and other outrageous visual puns. His "jumpology" photos which capture famous people from Richard Nixon to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor jumping for his camera, offer a glimpse into the whimisical and fantistical side of this artist.

From the most serious, deeply penetrating portraits of Albert Einstein to the fanciful image of Marilyn Monroe in mid-air, Philippe Halsman: A Retrospective is a look at a true master of photography. With an insightful introduction by Mary Panzer, superb duotone printing, and an inventive design, this is a truly definitive collection of Halsman's work.

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