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Checklist of the Exhibition

Paul Colin (1892­1985)

Color pochoir lithographs from Le Tumulte Noir.
Published by Éditions d'art, Succès: Paris, 1929

Female dancer on checkerboard

Chorus girls

Dancing pair with woman in orange

Dancer in pink on piano

Dancing pair with woman in green

Nude dancer on piano

Male dancer with blue: Maurice Chevalier

Woman dancing in the rain

Dancer with green skirt

Dancing man with large hat

Constructivist dancer: Jean Börlin

Josephine Baker in banana skirt

Jazz band

Josephine Baker in palm skirt

Le Tumulte Noir portfolio case
(with title page and "Topic of the Day" by Josephine Baker)

Note: These lithographs were never given individual titles by the artist. Descriptive titles have been created for the purposes of this exhibition.


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