spacer Edward Sorel and the Presidents
Edward Sorel and the Presidents

"I find cartoons about me endlessly fascinating," Sorel has admitted. "I suppose because I'm egocentric, but also because I see my dark side, my superficial side, my competitive side." If the theme of such cartoons is self-indulgent, the satire is merciless and the drawing especially unflattering. For a 1993 cover of Print: America's Graphic Design Magazine, featuring an article on Sorel by Steven Heller, the artist drew himself posing for some of his own victims: Henry Kissinger, Terence Cardinal Cooke, and Presidents from Johnson to Bush. A handsome man of sixty-three at the time, Sorel depicted himself as a naked, thickening, middle-aged model striking a supercilious pose. The gleefully malignant expressions on the faces of the sketchers make this a classic image of the victims' revenge.

Ink and watercolor, 1993
Original cover art for Print, January-February 1993
Private collection
© Edward Sorel

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