Section One

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August 3, 1939- "The Man Who Was Hollering 'Take Him Out'"
Newspaper Enterprise Association

From the start, businessmen did not like Franklin Roosevelt or his New Deal, attacking the president as a dictator and his policies as socialist. During FDR’s first term, however, such attacks were meaningless, given the president’s overwhelming popularity; he won reelection in 1936 with forty-six of the then forty-eight states. However, as his second term began and the country’s economic fortunes faltered, Roosevelt’s political fortunes waned with them.

In this cartoon, Herblock is reacting to the defeat of a Roosevelt spending and loan measure designed to spark economic activity and recovery, a measure opposed by business. Herblock, a devoted supporter of Roosevelt and the New Deal, is calling for business to come up with its own solution after torpedoing Roosevelt’s.