Third floor mezzanine

Closed May 15 through June 9

Florenz Ziegfeld orchestrating sequined spectaculars at the Follies . . . Charlie Chaplin shuffling his “Little Tramp” across the silent screen . . . Martha Graham choreographing a vocabulary of modernism into dance . . . Duke Ellington elevating jazz to classicism . . . Maria Callas reminding the world about the art of the prima donna . . . Elvis Presley shaking up the cultural  landscape.

The creative diversity of the American experience is remarkably expressed in the exuberance, elegance, and dynamism of its performing arts. “Bravo!” presents a vibrant showcase of the performers who brought these arts to life. Beginning in years when artists performed only live and without microphones, “Bravo!” covers the technological evolution that has made performance accessible at the click of a mouse. Throughout, these artists have played a vital role in American life and culture, and their ongoing contributions continue to inspire the national character.