110th Meeting of the Smithsonian Material Culture Forum

The Substance of Shadows: Making Immateriality Matter

Nan Tucker McEvoy Auditorium
October 31, 2018, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Ephemeral and insubstantial, shadows are the antithesis of matter, yet they have yielded a rich legacy of material objects. Explore the material traces of shadows in nature, science, and art.

 10:15   Exhibition tours: Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now (Free with RSVP)
& 1:45 (10:15 tour is full. Spaces available for 1:45 tour by RSVP only. October 31 MCF)
Latecomers cannot be accommodated on tours.

"A fascinating show that successfully uncovers the strange cultural history of the form, especially its intersections with the foremost social crisis of the age, which was slavery" (Philip Kennicott, Washington Post)

11:00   Light brunch ($5; RSVP requested. October 31 MCF)

11:30   Forum (open and free to all)
Welcome and Introduction: Kim Sajet, Director, National Portrait Gallery

  • Tom Vick, FSG, “Three Hong Kong Nocturnes”
  • Geneviève de Messieres, NASM, “Capture a Six-Month Landscape: Instructions for Your Own Solargraph”
  • Emma Stein, FSG, "Sounds of the Shadows: Javanese gamelan and wayang kulit"
  • Rachel Metz, National Zoo, “Shadows from the Depths”
  • Dana Tai Soon Burgess Company, performance of Pizzicato by Michio Ito

1:15     Q&A

For more information, email:  aslesonr@si.edu.

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