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Woman's manta

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probably Inka (Inca): Colonial Inka (archaeological) (attributed)
Previous owner
Eduardo del Valle, Non-Indian
Previous seller
Eduardo del Valle, Non-Indian
Previous owner
Louis Chable, Non-Indian, 1864-1935
Louis Chable, Non-Indian, 1864-1935
Presenter/funding source
James Bishop Ford (James B. Ford), Non-Indian, 1844-1928
Date created
AD 1500-1700
Object Type
Clothing/Garments: Outerwear (flat)
Object Name
Woman's manta
Cotton yarn, camelid hair yarn, silk yarn, vicuña hair yarn, viscacha hair yarn, dye/dyes, metallic thread
Dyed, spun, plied, tapestry woven, woven, looped
120 x 120 x 110.5 cm
Catalog Number
Collection History
Excavated by an unknown party from the Temple of the Sun, or possibly the "Temple of the Virgins of the Sun," at an unknown date; sold to Eduardo del Valle at an unknown date; purchased by Louis Chable (1864-1935, a New York City paper company executive who did business in Latin America) from Eduardo Del Valle in 1893; purchased by MAI from Louis Chable in 1916 using funds donated by MAI trustee James B. Ford (1844-1928).
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Data Source
National Museum of the American Indian
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Inka (Inca): Colonial Inka (archaeological)
Clothing/Garments: Outerwear (flat)
On View
National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC
Temple of the Sun; Isla de la Luna (Isla de Coáti, Koati Island), Lago Titicaca (Lake Titicaca); Manco Kapac Province; La Paz Department; Bolivia
Island Name
Isla de la Luna (Isla de Coáti, Koati Island)