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Say Hey Willie Mays Baseball Game

Say Hey Willie Mays Baseball Game
Usage Conditions Apply
Manufactured by
Toy Development Company, Inc., 1950 - 1959
Subject of
Willie Howard Mays Jr., American, born 1931
boxes (containers)
.1abc: ink on cardboard;
.2: ink on paper, cardboard;
.3: ink on paper;
.4: ink on paper;
.5.1-3: ink on paper
H x W x D (.1a (lid)): 1 5/16 × 14 3/8 × 9 13/16 in. (3.3 × 36.5 × 24.9 cm)
H x W x D (.1b (box)): 1 5/16 × 13 7/8 × 9 3/8 in. (3.3 × 35.2 × 23.8 cm)
H x W x D (.1c (insert)): 15/16 × 13 5/8 × 9 1/8 in. (2.4 × 34.6 × 23.2 cm)
H x W x D (.2 open): 3/16 × 13 7/16 × 14 in. (0.5 × 34.1 × 35.6 cm)
H x W x D (.2 closed): 3/8 × 13 7/16 × 7 in. (1 × 34.1 × 17.8 cm)
H x W (.3): 6 5/16 × 5 1/4 in. (16 × 13.3 cm)
H x W (.4): 10 7/16 × 6 in. (26.5 × 15.2 cm)
H x W (.5.1-3 each): 4 3/16 × 6 7/8 in. (10.6 × 17.5 cm)
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Restrictions & Rights
No Known Copyright Restrictions
Object number
A Say Hey! Willie Mays Baseball Game consisting of a box (.1abc), game board (.2), photo (.3), game rules (.4), and three (3) score cards (.5.1-3).
.1abc: This cardboard box lid (a), box bottom (b), and inner cardboard support (c) are for the board game Say Hey! Willie Mays' Baseball Game. The lid of the box (a) has a polka-dot pattern with small white squares on a green background. On the left side of the lid is a square outlined with a white border with a solid green background. The square is slightly at a diagonal and contains text of varying font in black and white reading "Say / Hey! / IT'S WILLIE MAYS' OWN / BASEBALL / GAME". Within the square in the upper left corner is a white and blue tinted portrait of Willie Mays. Mays is seen looking to the right and wears a New York Giants baseball hat. Below Mays' chin is his autograph pre-printed in blue ink. In the lower left corner of the square are three (3) small lines of text reading "AN OLIVER GAME / ©1954 TOY / DEVELOPMENT CO. INC.". On the right side of the top of the lid are three (3) blocks of white with blue text with varying fonts reading "1954's / Most / Valuable / Player / SAYS: / YOU CAN PLAY THIS GAME FOR / HOURS. / IT TEACHES YOU THE RULES AND / STRATEGY OF BASEBAL AND / SHARPENS YOUR HAND AND EYE / COORDINATION. / IT'S FUN!". On the outside edges of the four (4) sides of the lid is a white rectangle with blue text reading "WILLIE MAYS' BASEBALL GAME". The bottom of the box (b) is cardboard and lined on the outside in white. The inner support (c) is plain cardboard with bent edges so that the game board and supplements rest above the bottom, leaving room for playing pieces below.
.2: The game board is made from cardboard and creased in the middle so that it can fold and fit within the box. On the top of the board, in the upper right quadrant extending out to the middle is a green background with a yellow, rounded square that depicts the infield of a baseball diamond. Depicted as white squares, are first, second, and third bases, on the yellow infield. In the upper right corner is a white circle situated above home base. The white circle is divided into wedge sections in green with a metal spinner attached in the center. The spinner has an arrow at one end and a circle at the other. Situated over the pitcher is another circle with white outlines. The circle is also divided into different wedge sections. Within this circle is a metal spinner in the center. The pitcher's mound is located right of center above the crease across the center of the board. In the lower left corner is a white circle situated over centerfield. This circle is divided into wedge sections in green ink with a metal spinner at center of the circle. At the top and along the right side is a narrow white line. Along the left side and bottom side are white, illustrated heads, representing spectators at a baseball game. At the bottom in the lower right quadrant are signs held by the spectators. The signs are situated upside-down and spell out Mays' first name [WILLIE]. On the right side just above the middle are signs held by the spectators that spell Mays' last name [MAYS]. All the signs are white with yellow letters. The board is covered with green textured material on the back.
.3: An insert for the game of a sepia-toned portrait of Willie Mays wearing a New York Giants baseball uniform. He looks to the left and is seen smiling and is pictured from the waist up with his arms resting on his upper thighs. He wears a dark baseball hat and white jersey with dark letters. Over top of the PL sleeve of Mays' jersey is his pre-printed autograph. Mays is seen in front of a textured background. The reverse of the insert is blank.
.4: An insert for the game with the playing rules printed in blue ink. The reverse of the insert is blank.
.5.1-3: Three (3) score cards for the game, all alike. Each card consists of a table divided into different columns relating to the various aspects of play while participating in the board game. The center columns are divided further into four (4) smaller units with diamonds in the center. At the top of the card is text in blue reading "WILLIE MAYS SCORE CARD BASEBALL GAME". The reverse of .1 and .3 are blank, while there is a handwritten grid in pencil on the reverse of .2.
Data Source
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Toys and Games
Sports: Leveling the Playing Field
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NMAAHC (1400 Constitution Ave NW), National Mall Location, Community/Third Floor, 3 052