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Society of American Artists, Jury of 1890

Society of American Artists, Jury of 1890
Unidentified Artist
Irving Ramsay Wiles, 1861 - 1948
William Anderson Coffin, 1855 - 1925
William Merritt Chase, 1 Nov 1849 - 25 Oct 1916
Horatio Walker, 1858 - 1938
Frank Edwin Elwell, 15 Jun 1858 - 23 Jan 1922
Thomas Hovenden, 1840 - 1895
Charles Russell Loomis, 1857 - 1936
Kenyon Cox, 27 Oct 1856 - 17 Mar 1919
William Morton Jackson Rice, 1854 - 1922
James Carroll Beckwith, 1852 - 1917
Thomas Wilmer Dewing, 4 May 1851 - 5 Nov 1938
Daniel Chester French, 20 Apr 1850 - 7 Oct 1931
G. Ruger Donoho, 1857 - 28 Jan 1916
Benjamin Rutherford Fitz, 1855 - 1891
H. Walker
Hugh Bolton Jones, 1848 - 1927
Theodore Robinson, 3 Jun 1852 - 2 Apr 1896
Charles Adams Platt, 1861 - 1933
Will Hicox Low, 1853 - 1932
William Sullivant Vanderbilt Allen
Frank Fowler, 1852 - 1910
Francis Coates Jones, 1857 - 1932
Albumen silver print
Image/Sheet: 19.8 x 24.4 cm (7 13/16 x 9 5/8")
Mount: 28.2 x 32.3 cm (11 1/8 x 12 11/16")
Artist's Effects\Easel
Costume\Dress Accessory\Neckwear\Tie\Necktie
Will Hicox Low: Visual Arts\Artist
Will Hicox Low: Male
Benjamin Rutherford Fitz: Male
Benjamin Rutherford Fitz: Visual Arts\Artist\Portraitist
Benjamin Rutherford Fitz: Visual Arts\Art instructor
Horatio Walker: Visual Arts\Artist
Horatio Walker: Male
Kenyon Cox: Male
Kenyon Cox: Literature\Writer
Kenyon Cox: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
Kenyon Cox: Visual Arts\Artist\Portraitist
Kenyon Cox: Visual Arts\Art critic
Kenyon Cox: Visual Arts\Art instructor
Kenyon Cox: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter\Muralist
Charles Adams Platt: Male
Charles Adams Platt: Visual Arts\Architect
Frank Edwin Elwell: Male
Frank Edwin Elwell: Visual Arts\Artist\Sculptor
Frank Edwin Elwell: Visual Arts\Art critic
Frank Edwin Elwell: Visual Arts\Curator
Thomas Hovenden: Visual Arts\Artist
Thomas Hovenden: Male
William Anderson Coffin: Male
William Anderson Coffin: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter\Landscape painter
Irving Ramsay Wiles: Visual Arts\Artist
Irving Ramsay Wiles: Male
Irving Ramsay Wiles: Education and Scholarship\Educator
Irving Ramsay Wiles: Visual Arts\Artist\Illustrator
Francis Coates Jones: Visual Arts\Artist
Francis Coates Jones: Male
Hugh Bolton Jones: Visual Arts\Artist
Hugh Bolton Jones: Male
William Merritt Chase: Male
William Merritt Chase: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
William Merritt Chase: Visual Arts\Artist\Portraitist
William Merritt Chase: Education and Scholarship\Founder\School
William Merritt Chase: Visual Arts\Artist\Still life artist
William Merritt Chase: Visual Arts\Architect\Landscape architect
Frank Fowler: Visual Arts\Artist
Frank Fowler: Male
Theodore Robinson: Male
Theodore Robinson: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
Daniel Chester French: Male
Daniel Chester French: Visual Arts\Artist\Sculptor
James Carroll Beckwith: Male
James Carroll Beckwith: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
James Carroll Beckwith: Visual Arts\Art instructor
William Morton Jackson Rice: Visual Arts\Artist
William Morton Jackson Rice: Male
Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Male
Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
Thomas Wilmer Dewing: Visual Arts\Artist\Portraitist
H. Walker: Visual Arts\Artist
H. Walker: Undetermined
Charles Russell Loomis: Visual Arts\Artist
Charles Russell Loomis: Male
G. Ruger Donoho: Male
G. Ruger Donoho: Visual Arts\Artist\Painter
William Sullivant Vanderbilt Allen: Visual Arts\Artist
William Sullivant Vanderbilt Allen: Male
United States\New York\Kings\New York
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Restrictions & Rights
Object number
Data Source
National Portrait Gallery