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Chicago Eight: Join the Conspiracy

Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Radford Froines, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, and Lee Weiner
Mark Morris, born c. 1925
Rennie Davis, born 1941
David Dellinger, 22 Aug 1915 - 25 May 2004
John Radford Froines, born 1939
Tom Hayden, born 12 Dec 1940
Abbott Howard Hoffman, 30 Nov 1936 - 12 Apr 1989
Jerry Rubin, 14 Jul 1938 - 28 Nov 1994
Bobby Seale, born 1936
Lee Weiner, born c. 1930
c. 1969
Halftone poster
Image: 51.5cm x 43.8cm (20 1/4" x 17 1/4"), Accurate
Sheet: 60.9cm x 45.7cm (24" x 18"), Accurate
Credit Line
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Object number
Exhibition Label
Join the Conspiracy (Chicago Eight)
This poster was a call to arms for the “Days of Rage,” street demonstrations that the radical antiwar left organized in Chicago in October 1969; protesting the trial of the Chicago Eight was one of its goals. The Eight had been charged with conspiracy to incite the rioting that marked Chicago’s 1968 Democratic convention. The Chicago Eight were (clockwise from bottom) Jerry Rubin, Rennie Davis, Bobby Seale, John Froines, David Dellinger, Abbie Hoffman, Lee Weiner and (center) Tom Hayden. (Seale’s case was separated, making the Chicago Eight the Seven.) All were well-known members of groups that were adopting increasingly confrontational tactics. The trial lasted four months, and Judge Julius Hoffman lost control of proceedings early on, so that the trial became a theatrical protest in its own right. The defendants were found guilty only on lesser charges, and those verdicts were overturned on appeal.
Data Source
National Portrait Gallery
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