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United States National Museum Department of Anthropology photograph collection of American Indians, undated

United States National Museum Department of Anthropology
Barry, D. F (David Francis) 1854-1934
Bell, C. M (Charles Milton) approximately 1849-1893
Shindler, A. Zeno (Antonio Zeno) 1823-1899
Fly, C. S (Camillus Sidney) 1849-1901
Gutekunst, Frederick 1831-1917
Jackson, William Henry 1843-1942
Gardner, Alexander 1821-1882
Wittick, Ben 1845-1903
Goff, O. S (Orlando Scott) 1843-1917
Randall, A. F (A. Frank)
Bretz, George W Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Addison, George A
Fouch, John H. 1849-1933
Brady, Mathew B. approximately 1823-1896
Partridge, William Ordway 1861-1930
Noyes, Francis H
Reiss, Winold 1886-1953
Heyn Photo
Rice, Rutter & Co
Mitchell, McGowan and Company
Place & Coover
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co. (Saint Louis, Mo.)
Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (U.S.)
Collection descriptions
Physical Description
56 photographic prints : albumen and silver gelatin
8 prints : halftone and color halftone
3 painted photographs
2 color lithographs
2 engravings
1 stereograph : albumen
10 copy prints
Local number
NAA Photo Lot 87-2P
Arapaho Indians
Cheyenne Indians
Chiricahua Indians
Crow Indians
Dakota Indians
Hunkpapa Indians
Mohawk Indians
Nez Percé Indians
Oglala Indians
Piegan Indians
Powhatan Indians
Sauk Indians
Seminole Indians
Shoshoni Indians
Siouan Indians
Teton Indians
Ute Indians
Indians of North America Great Basin
Indians of North America Great Plains
Indians of North America Northeast
Indians of North America Plateau
Indians of North America Southern States
Indians of North America Southwest, New
Digital surrogates for some items available online.
Some photographs collected in the Bureau of American Ethnology, but most appear to have been donated directly to the US National Museum (some by Victor Justice Evans and W. W. Anderson). This collection was found in 1972, along with other collections in Photo Lot 87-2, as something which had been set aside as a "problem collection," though this may only reflect that it had not yet been processed.
Addl. KW Subjects
Sauk & Fox
The bulk of the collection consists of portraits of identified American Indians and some government officials and interpreters. It includes cabinet cards, other mounted prints, newspaper articles, illustrations, and a photographic postcard. Depicted individuals include American Horse, Oglala; Black Hawk, Sauk; Bob Tail, Cheyenne; Crowfoot, Hunkpapa; Gaul, Hunkpapa; Geronimo, Chiricahua; John Grass, Teton; Chief Joseph, Nez Perce; Little Wound, Oglala; Medicine Bull, Hunkpapa; Osceola, Seminole; Ouray, Ute; Litte Raven, Arapaho; Plenty Coups, Crow; Pocahontas, Powhatan; Rain in the Face, Hunkpapa; Red Cloud, Oglala; Red Iron, Dakota; Short Man, Piegan; Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa; Standing On Prairie, Siouan; Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant), Mohawk; Two Guns White Calf, Piegan; Two Moon, Cheyenne; and Washakie, Shoshoni.
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Photo lot 87-2P, United States National Museum Department of Anthropology photograph collection of American Indians, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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National Anthropological Archives
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