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George Eastman House copies of photographs of American Indians, mid-19th - early 20th century

George Eastman House
Barker, George 1844-1894
Barnard, George N. 1819-1902
Beaman, Edward O
Bennett, G. C. 1846-1915
Bennett, H. H (Henry Hamilton) 1843-1908
Bierstadt, Charles 1819-1903
Bonine, Elias A. 1843-1916
Brown, William Henry 1844-1886
Brubaker, Christian B of Marquette, Michigan
Chase, D. B (Dana B.)
Chamberlain, W. G (William Gunnison)
Childs, B. F (Brainard F.) ca. 1841-1921
Conklin, E (Enoch)
Cross, W. R. (William R.)
Forsyth, N. A (Norman A.) 1869-1949
Goff, O. S (Orlando Scott) 1843-1917
Harris, George H
Haynes, F. Jay (Frank Jay) 1853-1921
Ingersoll, T. W (Truman Ward) 1862-1922
Jackson, William Henry 1843-1942
Jarvis, J. F (John F.) b. 1850
Jones, James
Kent, J. H
Morrow, Stanley J
Lingley, B. L
Muybridge, Eadweard 1830-1904
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 1840-1882
Pratt, D. C
Rinehart, F. A (Frank A.)
Savage, C. R (Charles Roscoe) 1832-1909
Smillie, T. W (Thomas William) 1843-1917
Upton, B. F (Benjamin Franklin)
Watkins, Carleton E. 1829-1916
Zimmerman, Charles A. 1844-1909
Jacoby, W. H (William H.) 1841-1905
Buehman, Henry 1851-1912
Alvord, Kellogg, & Campbell
Boyd and Braas
Boorne & May
Bell & Bro. (Washington, D.C.)
Caswell & Davy
Central Pacific Railroad Company
Continent Stereoscopic Company
E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm)
Henry L. Shepard & Co
Ingersoll View Company
Keystone View Company
Kilburn Brothers a
Liberty Brand Stereo Views
Littleton View Co
Lovejoy & Foster
Underwood & Underwood
Whitney & Zimmerman
Woodward Stereoscopic Company of Rochester, New York
Logan, John Alexander 1826-1886
Douglass, Frederick 1817?-1895
Smithsonian Institution
Wilson & Havens
Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.)
United States Darien Exploring Expedition (1870)
mid-19th - early 20th century
Archival materials
Collection descriptions
Physical Description
circa 248 copy prints
circa 248 35mm negatives
Restrictions & Rights
The images were acquired for reference purposes and cannot be reproduced. Copies may be obtained from George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film
Local number
NAA Photo Lot R79
Kiowa Indians depicted
Cheyenne Indians depicted
Dakota Indians depicted
Chiricahua Indians depicted
Navajo Indians depicted
Hopi Indians depicted
Zuni Indians depicted
Modoc Indians depicted
Apache Indians depicted
Sihasapa Indians depicted
Paiute Indians depicted
Arapaho Indians depicted
Comanche Indians depicted
Ute Indians depicted
Tuscarora Indians depicted
Winnebago Indians depicted
Taos Indians depicted
Duwamish Indians depicted
Kickapoo Indians depicted
Sarsi Indians depicted
Hunkpapa Indians depicted
Ojibwa Indians depicted
Indians of North America Great Basin
Indians of North America Northeast
Indians of North America Great Plains
Indians of North America Plateau
Indians of North America Southwest, New
Indians of North America Subarctic
Indians of North America Northwest Coast of North America
Copy negatives made by George Eastman House, 1962.
Copy prints made by the Smithsonian, 1962-1963.
Originals in George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film.
The National Anthropological Archives holds vintage prints for many of the photographs copied in this collection, including in Photo lot 4501, Photo Lot 4605, and Photo Lot 90-1.
Photographs selected for copying by Margaret Blaker for the Bureau of American Ethnology, circa 1962.
Collection previously filed as Photo Lot 79.
Addl. KW Subjects
Dakota, Sioux
San Carlos
Copies of photogaphs selected from the George Eastman House collection by Bureau of American Ethnology archivist Margaret Blaker in 1962. Many of the photographs are individual or group portraits of American Indians and some highlight pottery, baskets, and cradleboards. There are also images of American Indian dwellings, including tipis and hogans; pueblos; dances; and an encampment during the Modoc War and Plains Indian prisoners at Fort Marion, Florida (1870s).
Expedition photos in the collection were made on T. O. Selfridgeʹs Darien Expedition (1870-1871), the Wheeler surveys (1871-1874), and the Hayden Geological Survey (1871). The collection also includes portraits of Frederick Douglass, Sitting Bull, and John A. Logan; and images from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show; Company F of New York's 140th Volunteer Infantry; and the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.
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Photo lot R79, George Eastman House copies of photographs of American Indians, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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