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Mountain Music of Peru sound recording

Mountain Music of Peru [sound recording]
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liner notes
Cohen, John 1932-
Chompi, Louisa Sera
Sulca (Sunka Sua), Antonio
Band from Chumbibilcas (Cuzco, Peru)
Chompi, Domingo
Band of Sacsamarca
Band From Huaras
Huanyo Los Errantes y Sus Guitarras
Tipicas Roncadoras
Banda Filarmonica
Musical sound recordings
Physical Description
2 phonograph records : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in
Restrictions & Rights
Restrictions on access. No duplication allowed listening and viewing for research purposes only
Local number
Folkways 4539
Quechua Indians
Aymara Indians
Track 201 includes: a) Ukuku dance, imitating a bear; b) a song addressed to the herb, Turpa; c) a song about the Wallata, wild geese; d-f) other songs about the Wallata Track 203 includes: a-b) songs addressing cows; c-d) songs addressing alpacas; e) a song addressing sheep Track 204 includes: a) man singing a segment of a longer chant; b) woman singing a story of a battle with the Spaniards Track 205 includes: a) song of last year's Carnival; b) Fallcha or Cashua Taiki - an Easter song; c) a Love song sung by Louisa Sera Chompi; d) Lullaby; e) song of matrimony; f) Waitu - sung by Louisa Sera Chompi with flute accompaniment; g) flute Track 206 includes: a) Paras - a shepherd tune played on the flute during Carnival and while herding the animals; b) Serjente - music from a secret rite; c) Cashua - performed at the T'inka, the offering of libations to the animals; d) Marriage song; e) Piruwani - a piece about the mountain of that name Track 404: The coquela ceremony represents the ritual hunting of the vicuna. "Recorded [and annotated] by John Cohen." Program notes (12 p. ill.) laid in container.
Recorded in: Huancayo (Junín, Peru), Junín, Colla (Peru), Q'eros (Peru), Lima (Peru), Ayacucho (Peru), Ocongate (Peru), Huancavelica (Peru), Sacsamarca (Tarma, Peru), Peru, Tarma.
Table of contents
Folk & popular music -- Quechua-Inca music recorded in Queros & Jaja Calla (Colla) -- Santiago music recorded in Huancayo -- Aymara music recorded in Chucuito and Chimu
Track information
101 Paloma Blanca / Band of Sacsamarca. Flute,Guitar,Charango
102 Song of Marriage / Quechua language
103 Catholic Mass Sung in Quechua / Quechua language
104 Huayno from Ayacucho / Guitar,Charango
105 Garsila / Antonio Sulca (Sunka Sua). Harp
106 Music from a Tent Show / Band from Chumbibilcas (Cuzco, Peru), Band From Huaras. Flute,Guitar,Mandolin,Fiddle
107 La Tragedia Del Estadio / Huanyo Los Errantes y Sus Guitarras. Guitar. Spanish language
108 Andina / Tipicas Roncadoras. Flute,Drum
109 Bella Andajina / Banda Filarmonica. Spanish language
201 Music and Songs Associated with the Pinculu / Domingo Chompi, Louisa Sera Chompi. Pincullo
202 Chunchu Music on the Pitu / Pito
203 Music and Related Songs of the Kanchi Sipas / Louisa Sera Chompi. Kanchi Sipas
204 Chants and Narrative at Ceremony for Marking Animals
205 Songs from Q'eros / Louisa Sera Chompi. Flute
206 Music form the Village of Colla, Near Q'eros / Flute
301 Trumpet of Cow Horns (corneta de cachu) Trumpet of Metal / Trumpet
302 Women Sing in Quechua / Quechua language
303 Women Sing in Spanish (& Quechua): Cherimoia
304 Long Wooden Trumpet; Woman Beats Drum and Sings / Drum,Trumpet
305 Flutes and Singers at Concourso / Flute
306 Guitar, Fiddle and Men Sing / Guitar,Fiddle
307 Fiddle and Young Girl Sings / Fiddle
308 Trumpet, Woman Sings, Fiddles, Dancers / Fiddle,Trumpet
309 Fiddle and Saxophone / Fiddle,Saxophone
310 Street Band with Clarinets, Saxophones, Harps, etc / Harp,Saxophone,Clarinet
311 Women and Drum: Belaunde and Haya Dela Torre / Drum
401 Music from Carnival: Three Flutes and Drum (Tamber) / Flute,Drum
402 Wedding Song: Three Women
403 Song of Lake Titticacca: Three Women
404 Coquela Ceremony: Flutes and Voices / Flute
405 Jilicatas, Los: Pan Pipes (antara) and Drum (bomba) / Drum,Panpipes
406 Love Song of the Animals / Charango
408 Song for a Dead Baby / Charango
409 Que Vamos al Lago / Charango
410 Palomita / Panpipes
411 Borrachio Antigua / Charango
Publisher number
FE 4539 Folkways
Repository Loc.
Smithsonian Institution, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, 600 Maryland Ave., S.W., Suite 2001, Washington, D.C. 20024. Call 202-633-7322 for appointment. Fax: 202-633-7019. Email:
Data Source
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections
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