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Record of Charles Lang Freer's purchase of Indian miniatures from Colonel Henry Bathurst Hanna, London. October 1907

Freer, Charles Lang 1856-1919
Smithsonian Institution
October 1907
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2 sheets
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FSA A.01
Freer collection numbers: F1907.186; F1907.187; F1907.188; F1907.189; F1907.190; F1907.191; F1907.192; F1907.193; F1907.194; F1907.195; F1907.196; F1907.197; F1907.198; F1907.199; F1907.200; F1907.201; F1907.202; F1907.203; F1907.204; F1907.205; F1907.206; F1907.207; F1907.208; F1907.209; F1907.210; F1907.211; F1907.212; F1907.213; F1907.214; F1907.215; F1907.216; F1907.217; F1907.218; F1907.219; F1907.220; F1907.221; F1907.222; F1907.223; F1907.224; F1907.225; F1907.226; F1907.227; F1907.228; F1907.229; F1907.230; F1907.231; F1907.232; F1907.233; F1907.234; F1907.235; F1907.236; F1907.237; F1907.238; F1907.239; F1907.240; F1907.241; F1907.242; F1907.243; F1907.244; F1907.245; F1907.246; F1907.247; F1907.248; F1907.249; F1907.250; F1907.251; F1907.252; F1907.253; F1907.254; F1907.255; F1907.256; F1907.257; F1907.258; F1907.259; F1907.260; F1907.261; F1907.262; F1907.263; F1907.264; F1907.265; F1907.266; F1907.267; F1907.268; F1907.269; F1907.270; F1907.271.1-172; F1907.271.173-346; F1907.272; F1907.274; F1907.275; F1907.276a-ff; F1907.277; F1907.278; F1907.279; F1907.581; F1907.582; F1907.583; F1907.584; F1907.585; F1907.586; F1907.587; F1907.588; F1907.589; F1907.590; F1907.591; F1907.592; F1907.593; F1907.594; F1907.595; F1907.596; F1907.597; F1907.598; F1907.599; F1907.600; F1907.601; F1907.602; F1907.603; F1907.604; F1907.605; F1907.606; F1907.607; F1907.608; F1907.609; F1907.610; F1907.611; F1907.612; F1907.613; F1907.614; F1907.615; F1907.616; F1907.617; F1907.618; F1907.619; F1907.620; F1907.621; F1907.622; F1907.623; F1907.624; F1907.625; F1907.626; F1907.627; F1907.628; F1907.792; F1907.793
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Gift of the estate of Charles Lang Freer
Freer's purchase vouchers are generally organized by date of purchase
The purchase included South Asian and HImalayan paintings, drawings, calligraphy and album folios.
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Charles Lang Freer Papers. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. Gift of the estate of Charles Lang Freer
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Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560
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Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Archives
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