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Robert M. Farring Jr. photograph collection of Indian delegations, 1967-1971

Farring, Robert M. Jr
United States Bureau of Indian Affairs
Collection descriptions
Physical Description
169 Polaroid prints : color
61 prints : silver gelatin
Local number
NAA Photo Lot 85-21
Indians of North America
Cheyenne Indians
Pima Indians
Pawnee Indians
Yakama Indians
Yankton Indians
Winnebago Indians
Umatilla Indians
Crow Indians
Colville Indians
Oglala Indians
Omaha Indians
Dakota Indians
Osage Indians
Ponca Indians
Creek Indians
Pueblo Indians
Seminole Indians
Seneca Indians
Navajo Indians
Washoe Indians
Salish Indians
Lummi Indians
Mescalero Indians
Ojibwa Indians
Cochiti Indians
Apache Indians
Comanche Indians
Santee Indians
Kiowa Indians
Kalispel Indians
Spokane Indians
Choctaw Indians
Laguna Indians
Hopi Indians
Cherokee Indians
Makah Indians
Muskogean Indians
Passamaquoddy Indians
Uinta Indians
Arapaho Indians
Kickapoo Indians
Sauk Indians
Fox Indians
Ute Indians
Coeur d'Alene Indians
Delaware Indians
Shawnee Indians
Tohono O'Odham Indians
Zuni Indians
Sisseton Indians
Wahpeton Indians
Shoshoni Indians
Paiute Indians
Nooksack Indians
Yavapai Indians
Assiniboine Indians
Indians of North America Great Plains
Indians of North America Southwest, New
Indians of North America Plateau
Indians of North America Northeast
Indians of North America Southern States
Indians of North America Great Basin
Indians of North America Northwest Coast of North America
Additional photographs of American Indian delegations can be found in the National Anthropological Archives in Photo Lot 4286, MS 4638, Photo Lot 87-2P, Photo Lot 90-1, and the BAE historical negatives.
Robert M. Farring, Jr. is an employee in the Tribal Operations office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, DC.
Donated by Robert M. Farring Jr. through Dr. Herman Viola, 1985. The collection was donated in connection with the writing of Viola's book, Diplomats in Buckskin: A History of Indian Delegations in Washington City (1995).
Addl. KW Subjects
Standing Rock Reservation
Creek (Muskogee)
Turtle Mountain
Sauk & Fox
Meskwaki; Sauk & Fox
Warm Springs
Santa Ana
Papago (Tohono O'odham)
Assiniboin; Assiniboine
Photographs depicting tribal delegates, probably made by Robert M. Farring during tribal group visits to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Washington office. Many of the photographs were originally mounted in notebooks with identification of pictured individuals and their affiliations.
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