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James E. Taylor scrapbook of the American West, circa 1863-1900

artist and collector
Taylor, James E. 1839-1901
Whitney, Joel E (Joel Emmons) 1822-1886
Vannerson, Julian 1827-
M'Clees, Jas. E (James E.)
Eaton, E. L (Edric L.) b. ca. 1836
Easterly, Thomas M (Thomas Martin) 1809-1882
Barry, D. F (David Francis) 1854-1934
Gardner, Alexander 1821-1882
Pywell, Wm. R (William Redish) 1843-1886
Hillers, John K. 1843-1925
Jackson, William Henry 1843-1942
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. 1840-1882
Ebell, Adrian J (Adrian John) 1840-1877
Powell, John Wesley 1834-1902
Juárez, Benito 1806-1872
Red Cloud 1822-1909
Sitting Bull 1834?-1890
Crook, George 1829-1890
Buffalo Bill 1846-1917
Richard, Louis
Kinman, Seth
Hickok, Wild Bill 1837-1876
Custer, George Armstrong 1839-1876
Sheridan, Philip Henry 1831-1888
Spotted Tail 1823-1881
Miles, Nelson Appleton 1839-1925
United States Army
Geological Survey (U.S.)
circa 1863-1900
Collection descriptions
Physical Description
Scrapbook : 118 pages
circa 685 prints : albumen
circa 80 relief prints (including woodcuts and wood engraving)
circa 30 intaglio prints (including etchings and engravings)
4 tintypes
3 chromolithographs
3 chalk-manner lithographs
1 print : photogravure
Local number
NAA Photo Lot 4605
Apache Indians
Cheyenne Indians
Cherokee Indians
Comanche Indians
Creek Indians
Crow Indians
Fox Indians
Gros Ventre Indians (Montana)
Kiowa Indians
Modoc Indians
Navajo Indians
Oglala Indians
Ojibwa Indians
Omaha Indians
Pawnee Indians
Potawatomi Indians
Pueblo Indians
Sauk Indians
Shoshoni Indians
Ute Indians
Winnebago Indians
Zuni Indians
Indians of North America Northeast
Indians of North America Great Plains
Indians of North America Plateau
Indians of North America Southwest, New
Indians of North America Southern States
Indians of North America Great Basin
Digital surrogates for many of the prints in the collection available online.
The National Anthropological Archives holds additional photographs by photographers represented in this collection (including original negatives for some of these prints), particularly in Photo Lot 24, Photo Lot 37, Photo Lot 60, Photo Lot 87-2M, Photo Lot 87-2P, Photo Lot 90-1, Photo Lot 4420, and the BAE historical negatives.
Additional photographs by Whitney, Gardner, and Barry held in National Anthropological Archives Photo Lot 80-18.
Julian Vannerson and James E. McClees photographs held in National Anthropological Archives Photo Lot 4286.
Pywell photographs held in National Anthropological Archives Photo Lot 4498.
O'Sullivan photographs held in National Anthropological Archives Photo lot 4501.
Additional Hillers photographs held in National Anthropological Archives Photo Lot 83-18 and Photo Lot 87-2N.
James E. Taylor (1839-1901) was an artist-correspondent for Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper from 1863-1883. Born in Cincinatti, Ohio, he graduated from Notre Dame University by the age of sixteen. Taylor enlisted in the 10th New York Infantry in 1861 and the next year was hired by Leslie's Illustrated newspaper as a "Special Artist" and war correspondent. In 1864 he covered the Shenandoah Valley campaign, and was later one of the illustrator-correspondents at the 1867 treaty negotiations at Medicine Lodge, Kansas. He soon earned the moniker "Indian Artist" because of his vast number of drawings of American Indians. In 1883 Taylor retired from Leslie's to work as a freelance illustrator. Colonel Richard Irving Dodge used Taylor's drawings to illustrate his memoir, "Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years' Personal Experience among the Red Men of the Great West" (1882).
Donated or transferred by John Witthoft from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, April 14, 1961.
Collection previously filed as MS 4605, within Photo Lot 24, or NAA's "Source Print Collection." Changed to a separate photo lot in June 2013.
Addl. KW Subjects
Meskwaki; Sauk & Fox
Sauk & Fox
Creek (Muskogee)
Scrapbook entitled "Our Wild Indians in Peace and War: Surveys, Expeditions, Mining and Scenery of the Great West,"compiled by James E. Taylor, possibly as a source for his own illustrations. The album includes photographs (mostly albumen with three tintypes), newsclippings, wood engravings, and lithographs, some of which are reproductions of Taylor's own illustrations and paintings. Photographs depict American Indians, US Army soldiers and scouts, historical sites, forts, and scenery. Some were made on expeditions, including the Hayden and Powell surveys, and created from published stereographs. Many of Taylor's illustrations are signed, and some are inscribed with dates and "N. Y." The scrapbook also includes clippings from newspapers and other written sources relating to illustrations and photographs in the album.
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Photo Lot 4605, James E. Taylor scrapbook of the American West, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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National Anthropological Archives
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