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List of the specimens of the British animals in the collection of the British museum

British Museum (Natural History) Department of Zoology
Gray, John Edward 1800-1875
Gray, George Robert 1808-1872
White, Adam 1817-1879
Stephens, James Francis 1792-1853
Smith, Frederick 1806?-1879
Denny, Henry 1803-1871
Stainton, H. T. (Henry Tibbats) 1822-1892
Shepherd, Edwin
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Physical Description
17 v. 19 cm
Call number
Part 2 has special t.-p. in place of series title.
Parts 13-15 and 17 printed on one side of leaf only.
Edited by J. E. Gray.
pt. I. Centroniœ or radiated animals [by J. E. Gray] 1848.--[pt. II] List of the specimens of British sponges [by J. E. Gray] 1848.--pt. III. Birds [by G. R. Gray] 1850.--pt. IV. Crustacea [by A. White] 1850.--pt. V. Lepidoptera [by J. F. Stephens] 1850.--pt. VI. Hymenoptera Aculeata [by F. Smith] 1851.--pt. VII. Mollusca Acephala and Brachiopoda [by J. E. Gray] 1851.--[pt. VIII] Fish [by A. White] 1851.--pt. IX. Eggs of British birds [by G. R. Gray] 1852.--pt. X. Lepidoptera (contin.) [by J. F. Stephens] 1852.--pt. XI. Anoplura or parasitic insects [by H. Denny] 1852.--pt. XII. Lepidoptera (contin.) [by J. F. Stephens] 1852.--pt. XIII. Nomenclature of Hymenoptera [by F. Smith] 1853.--pt. XIV. Nomenclature of Neuroptera [by A. White] 1853.--pt. XV. Nomenclature of Diptera. I. [by A. White] 1853.--pt. XVI. Lepidoptera (completed) [by H. T. Stainton] 1854.--pt. XVII. Nomenclature of Anoplura, Euplexoptera and Orthoptera [by A. White] 1855
Data Source
Smithsonian Libraries
Great Britain