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New Perspectives on Portraiture: S.3 Panel Discussion - National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery
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New Perspectives on Portraiture: S.3 Panel Discussion - National Portrait Gallery
New Perspectives on Portraiture: Session 3 Panel Discussion ft. Akela Reason, Amy M. Mooney, Jonathan Fredrick Walz, Richard H. Saunders From the Edgar P. Richardson Symposium: New Perspectives on Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery, Sept. 20, and Sept. 21, 2018 Day 2, Session 3: Reassessing Subjectivity Panel Discussion Moderator: Kate Clark Lemay Historian and Director of PORTAL= Portraiture + Analysis, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery Panelists: Akela Reason Associate Professor of History, University of Georgia “Soul-Searching: The Portrait in Gilded Age America” Amy M. Mooney Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Columbia College Chicago “Photos of Style and Dignity: Woodard’s Studios and the Delivery of Black Modern Subjectivity” Jonathan Fredrick Walz Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of American Art, The Columbus Museum “Side Eye: Early Twentieth-Century American Portraiture on the Periphery” Richard H. Saunders Director, Middlebury College Museum of Art, and Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Middlebury College “Making Sense of Our Selfie Nation The papers presented in Session 3 showed that portraiture helps us to reassess and also to deconstruct. This panel discussion presents several questions on this theme: How does portraiture reflect how we construct identity today vs in the past? Do individualism and interiority still matter today? How does visual literacy translate across audiences? And just who is the portrait for, really?
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