On stage: Kehinde Wiley and Barack Obama, and Amy Sherald and Michelle Obama, standing next to their portriats

The Official Obama Portraits

The National Portrait Gallery is the only place outside of the White House where the public can view a complete collection of presidential portraits.  Many of the oldest portraits in our collection came to the museum as gifts or purchases.  In more recent years, we have worked with the White House near the end of each president’s term to commission official portraits of the outgoing President and First Lady.  These portraits are created over several months and ultimately unveiled and installed in the museum for the public to visit and enjoy free of charge, 364 days a year.

On February 13, 2018, the official portraits of the 44th President, Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama were installed in America’s Presidents and Recent Acquisitions, respectively.

The National Portrait Gallery thanks the following donors for their generous support of the portrait commissions for President Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama:

Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg
Judith Kern and Kent Whealy
Tommie L. Pegues and Donald A. Capoccia
Clarence, DeLoise, and Brenda Gaines
Jonathan and Nancy Lee Kemper
The Stoneridge Fund of Amy and Marc Meadows
Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker
Catherine and Michael Podell
Mark and Cindy Aron
Lyndon J. Barrois and Janine Sherman Barrois
The Honorable Colleen Bell and Bradley Bell
The Honorable John and Louise Bryson
Paul and Rose Carter
Bob and Jane Clark
Lisa R. Davis
Shirley Ross Davis and Family
Alan and Lois Fern
Conrad and Constance Hipkins
Sharon and John Hoffman
Audrey M. Irmas
Daniel and Kimberly Johnson
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
Eileen Harris Norton
Helen Hilton Raiser
Philip and Elizabeth Ryan
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Josef Vascovitz and Lisa Goodman

Eileen Baird
Dennis and Joyce Black Family Charitable Foundation
Shelley Brazier
The Skylark Foundation
Cleveland and Harriette Chambliss
Anna Chavez and Eugene Eidenberg
Carla Diggs & Stephen M. Smith
Aryn Drake-Lee
Danny First
Peggy Woodford Forbes and Harry Bremond
Stephen Friedman Gallery
Andy and Teri Goodman

Michele J. Hooper and Lemuel Seabrook III
Sean and Mary Kelly, Sean Kelly Gallery
Randi Charno Levine and Jeffrey E. Levine
Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston, The Shenson Foundation
Jamie Lunder Joff Masukawa and Noëlle Kennedy Masukawa
Derek McGinty and Cheryl Cooper
Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago
Robert and Jan Newman
Arthur Lewis and Hau Nguyen
The Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. and Sanda O. Ocampo Family Trust
Julie and Bennett Roberts
Paul Sack
Sara and John Schram
Gertrude Dixon Sherman
Michael and Mary Silver
V. Joy Simmons, MD
Andrea Lavin Solow and Alan P. Solow
John Sykes
Alyssa Taubman and Robert Rothman
Galerie Templon
Henry L. Thaggert III

Ambassador Shirley Elizabeth Barnes
Athelia Knight and The Herb Block Foundation
Madeline Murphy Rabb
Deirdre Stanley
Tracy Thompson, in honor of David Ward

Deeda Blair
Deborah Swann Cohen and Edward R. Cohen
Sandra Ewing
William Hopkins
Alison Lindland
Caroline Rennolds Milbank

Stephen Arenburg
Brinille Eliane Ellis
Teresa Rodgers
Suzelle Smith
Joseph P. Ujobai and Eduardo J. Ardiles
Frederick Voss
Linda M. Wallace

George Affeldt
Alice Alexander
Matthew D. Baker
JoAnn Balzer
Regina Bell
Ann Bensinger
Geri Berhain
Gaik Berney
Beverly Bishop
Doug and Michiko Bonawitz
Jennifer Burdick
Danielle Cameron
Joanne Caramanica
Jien Davis
Lucille Dobbins
Janice Drew
Dorothea Ellern
Glen Emil
Cathy Enoch
Gertrude Friedman
Marie Louise Friendly
Lindsay Gabryszak and Simoon Shiferaw
David Gambrel
Maria Goodwin
Bettina Henry
Kristin Hill
George Hopwood
David E. Ivanov
Elizabeth Johnson
Alvin Jones
Muriel Kaplan
Tressa Kelly
James Klein
Karen Lindsay and Alan Kurz
Dorothy McManus
Jeannette Mendonca
Melissa Isidor
Kathleen Morris
John Morrissey
Kara and Gerald Morrissey
Marguerite McKee Moss
Edwin Nichols
Lisa Nichols
Thomas Richard Pescod, Jr.
Bruce Redcay
Michael Robinson
Jane and Bob Scribner
Mary and Sidney Shaw
Margaret Supplee Smith, Margaret Katherine Kistle,  William Alan Kistler
Radha Stern
Patricia Svoboda
Lisa L. Walker and William A. Rudnick
David C. Ward
The Honorable Robert L. Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Wilson
Janet Augustine
B. Kim Barnes
Miriam Berman
Wendy and Herb Bloom
Carolyn K. Carr
Joanie Cerimele
Madelynn Chavez
Michael Ching
Aimee Cipicchio
Janet Cook
Cheryl Cooper
Kim Chi Crittenden
Dru DeSantis
Pamela Ecker
Margery Elliott
Erica and Brian Evans
Edward and Pamela Flattau
Jill Flax
Shira Flax
Stephanie Flax
Kathleen Flynn
Laura Fortman
Cindy Freeman
Marilyn Funderburk
Dr. Radhika and Rishi Garg
Susan Garton
Nancy and Eva Gavrish
Francine Gervasi
Shaun Giles
Carol Goodman
Rebecca Graves
Sheila Gregory-Thomas
Lorna Grenadier
Eric Griffith
Corazon Hamaguchi
Ellen Hanson
Jennifer Hughes
Patricia Hull
Maureen Jais-Mick
Lauren Knoizen<
Linda A. Lewis
Thomas Lipski
Patricia Lynch
Deborah Mack
Gabrielle Madden
Lawrence Madden
Marcia Matlick
Katherine McCreary
Darwina L. Neal
Oritsetsemaye Otubu
Amy Parker and David Lawler
Louise Sagalyn
Charles and Joanne Schwarz
Lorena Selim
Carolyn and Jeff Serfass
Kathleen Shuman
Carol Ann Siciliano
Susan Sidebottom
Deborah M. Smith
Carla Smith
Ann Starer and Ken Gross
Darlene Taylor
Linda Thrift
Christy Ting
Lorna Totman
Evelyn Weinstein-Park
Monique Wills
Helena E. Wright