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Interested in the presidents and the role of the presidency in the United States? Want to learn more about the lives of remarkable Americans, past and present, who have contributed to the nation’s history and culture? The Portrait Gallery has a variety of resources for the classroom that have been developed to complement our exhibitions.

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Portrait “reading” encourages the visual analysis of a piece of art as if it were a historical document.
Through activities, games, and puzzles, this Teacher Resource Guide will introduce students to the Presidents and the role of the presidency in American history.
Lesson plan for grades 4–12
Students are introduced to the role of a curator in a museum..
Lesson plan for grades 4–12
How do we define community today? Each of the three painters selected for “Portraiture Now: Communities” has explored this question through a series of related portraits of friends, townspeople, or families.
Lesson plan for grades 7–12
"The Struggle for Justice” showcases major cultural and political figures—from key 19th-century historical figures to contemporary leaders—who struggled to achieve civil rights for disenfranchised or marginalized groups.
Lesson plan for grades 4–12
Write a museum label that clearly communicates select information appropriate to a specific task.