1898 - 1900


ZBY exhibits two photographs at the Eastman Photographic Exhibition held at New York’s National Academy of Design in January. In April she contributes two works for an exhibition in Austria sponsored by the Vienna Camera Club.

ZBY publishes a two-part essay, “The Making and Trimming of a Hat,” in the July and August issues of Ladies Home Journal.

ZBY exhibits ten photographs at the American Institute’s 67th Annual Fair at the National Academy of Design, held from September 26 through October 8. She also takes charge of the exhibition’s decorations. Her portrait of actress Virginia Earle wins third place in the “Portraits and Groups” class. She also contributes five photographs to the Sixth Photographic Salon of the Linked Ring in London from September 30 through November 5.

The First Philadelphia Photographic Salon is held at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from October 24 through November 12. Jurors include painters Robert Vonnoh and William M. Chase – neither of whom appear at the judging – illustrator Alice Barber Stephens, and photographers Robert Redfield and Alfred Stieglitz. ZBY does not participate.

ZBY exhibits an extensive collection of her photographs alongside the work of Frances Benjamin Johnston at the Camera Club of New York from November 9 through 26. William Murray writes a lengthy review of ZBY’s contribution to this exhibition in Camera Notes, published the following April.

The Illustrated American publishes a page-long profile of ZBY in its November 11 issue, featuring several reproductions of her photographs.


ZBY photographs New York governor Theodore Roosevelt in March.

ZBY is profiled with other female photographers in the March issue of the American Amateur Photographer.

ZBY travels to Boston in July to visit her mother and to meet with F. Holland Day. Day completes a series of portraits of ZBY during their time together.

ZBY moves her studio to 578 Fifth Avenue, most likely in the fall. The Windsor Hotel, destroyed by fire just months before, is located across the street.

ZBY contributes two photographs to the Seventh Photographic Salon of the Linked Ring in London from September 22 through November 4.

In the October issue of the Photographic Times, Sadakichi Hartmann publishes a lengthy profile about ZBY. Describing her as “a purist,” Hartmann writes that “it is doubtful if there is in the entire United States a more interesting exponent of portrait photography.”

ZBY exhibits four photographs at the Second Philadelphia Photographic Salon at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from October 22 through November 19. F. Holland Day, Gertrude Käsebier, Clarence White, Frances Benjamin Johnston, and Henry Troth serve as the jurors.

In December ZBY exhibits nine photographs at the Photographic Salon of the American Institute in New York.

ZBY photographs Major General Leonard Wood on December 16, the day of his departure from New York to take command of the provisional government in Cuba.


In May ZBY exchanges letters with Frances Benjamin Johnston about a proposed exhibition of work by American women photographers at the Universal Exposition in Paris. Hastily assembled as a substitute for a cancelled exhibition of American salon photographers, it opens in July. ZBY contributes five portraits. The exhibition travels later to venues in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Washington, D.C.

In October Gertrude Käsebier and British photographer Carine Cadby become the first women elected to the Linked Ring.

The Royal Photographic Society in London hosts an exhibition of American photographers organized by F. Holland Day. Entitled the “New School of American Photography,” it runs from October 10 through November 8 and features four photographs by ZBY.

Partially as a response to F. Holland Day’s “New School” exhibition, Alfred Stieglitz takes charge of the Third Photographic Salon at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Jurors include Gertrude Käsebier, Clarence White, Frank Eugene, and Eva Watson Schutze. The exhibition runs from October 21 through November 18. ZBY does not participate.

ZBY contributes three photographs from November 28 through December 1 to an exhibition organized by Clarence White in White’s hometown, Newark, Ohio.

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