1901 - 1906


ZBY exhibits four photographs from May 2 through November 9 in a display juried by Alfred Stieglitz at the Glasgow International Exhibition in Scotland.

ZBY photographs former President Grover Cleveland during a fishing excursion on Hop Brook, near Tyringham, Massachusetts.

ZBY publishes “Celebrities Under the Camera” in the June 1 issue of the Saturday Evening Post. In this essay ZBY describes many of her encounters with subjects she has photographed.

In the September issue of Metropolitan Magazine, ZBY publishes “The New Photography – What It Has Done and Is Doing for Modern Portraiture.” She discusses her commitment to “a middle way,” between the radicalism of certain fine art photographers and the prosaism of most commercial photographers.

ZBY is profiled as one of the “foremost women photographers in America” in the November issue of Ladies Home Journal.

At the Fourth Philadelphia Photographic Salon, held from November 18 through December 14 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, ZBY exhibits ten photographs. Alfred Stieglitz leads a boycott of this salon when he loses the authority to develop the exhibition to his liking.

Beginning on November 23, ZBY publishes the first of six illustrated articles for the Saturday Evening Post on the topic, “Advanced Photography for Amateurs.”


Stieglitz organizes “American Pictorial Photography” at New York’s National Arts Club. The exhibition runs from March 5 through March 22. Considered the inaugural exhibition of the “Photo-Secession,” it includes the work of thirty-two photographers whom Stieglitz felt aspired to a higher purpose. ZBY does not participate.

The June 27 issue of the New York Times includes ZBY in a list of debtors. She owes $119 to Henrietta Prades, and is ordered by a local judge to make payment.

ZBY exhibits two photographs at the Tenth Photographic Salon of the Linked Ring in London between September 19 and November 1.


Stieglitz publishes the first issue of his new journal Camera Work in January.

ZBY travels by steamship to Japan, arriving in Yokohama in April. She tours Kobe and Nagasaki before continuing on to Hong Kong for a brief sojourn. Returning to Japan, she rents a house for the summer in Kyoto, with the stated purpose of living “in native fashion.” She travels to Tokyo and Nikko during her stay, and returns to New York in the fall.


ZBY publishes the first of four illustrated articles, “Japan Through My Camera,” in the April 23 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.

Sadakichi Hartmann mentions ZBY’s contributions to the newly formed Salon Club of America in the July issue of the American Amateur Photographer. Sponsored by the Salon Club of America, the First American Photographic Salon opens in New York in December. ZBY is listed in the catalogue as a member, though she does not submit any work.


On January 12 the New York Times includes ZBY again in a list of debtors.

ZBY’s essay, “A Kyoto Memory,” is published in the February issue of the Booklovers Magazine. That same month, Leslie’s Monthly Magazine publishes ZBY’s illustrated article, “Women of Japan.”

In September Anna Ben-Yusuf begins teaching at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is an instructor of millinery in the Department of Domestic Arts.

Beginning October 14 American Art News publishes a weekly profile of an American artist with an accompanying portrait by ZBY. This arrangement lasts seven weeks.

ZBY delivers on November 23 an illustrated lecture, “Japanese Homes,” at Pratt’s Assembly Hall.

Alfred Stieglitz’s inaugural exhibition at the Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession at 291 Fifth Avenue opens on November 24. One hundred photographs by thirty-nine photographers are featured. ZBY does not participate.


ZBY publishes twenty architectural photographs to accompany Katharine Budd’s article, “Japanese Houses,” in the January issue of the Architectural Record. The February issue features ZBY’s article on Japanese architecture, “The Period of Daikan.”

In March ZBY serves as a member of the national preliminary jury for the Second American Photographic Salon held at the Art Institute of Chicago. However, she does not contribute work.

Photo Era publishes in September three photographs by ZBY from her visit to the Mediterranean island of Capri. The accompanying article suggests that she “passed considerable time there not long ago, exploring its mountains, rocks, and grottoes.”

In October ZBY exhibits one portrait at the Third Annual Exhibition of Photographs at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts.

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