Lesson Plans

Integrating portraiture into the classroom provides exciting opportunities to connect students with history, biography, and visual art. The portraits found in "Inventing Marcel Duchamp: The Dynamics of Portraiture" have incredibly useful classroom application as your students study Marcel Duchamp and his influence on twentieth century art. Below are two lesson plans that can be used in conjunction with this exhibition, either in the classroom or while visiting the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.



Marcel Duchamp, Marvin Lazarus (1918–1982), Gelatin silver print, 1962, Roberta Fast Lazarus

Duchamp, Dada, and World War I

Target grade level: 9–12 in world history and United States history classes

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Portrait multiple de Marcel Duchamp (Five-Way Portrait of Marcel Duchamp), Unidentified photographer, Private collection, courtesy of Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

Marcel Duchamp: “Found” Portraiture

Target grade level: K–12 in visual arts classes

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