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Integrating portraiture into the classroom provides exciting opportunities to connect students with history, biography, and visual art. The Four Justices by Nelson Shanks has incredibly useful classroom applications. 

Below are three lesson plans that can be used in conjunction with this exhibition (either in the classroom or while visiting the portrait at the National Portrait Gallery).

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

October 25, 2013 through October 16, 2016

The Four Justices by Nelson Shanks
Smoothing the Path: Gender Discrimination and the Supreme Court
Lesson Plan (PDF) →

Portrait of Susan B Anthony
Women's Rights of the 19th Century and Beyond Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan (PDF)→

Justice O'Connor, Sotomayor, Ginsberg, and Kagan, in front of Four Justices
The Four Justices: Me and My Role Model
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