IDENTIFY Sandy Huckleberry

Performing KNOW on
October 28, 2017
at 4p.m.

Internationally-recognized performance artist Sandy Huckleberry is known for thoughtful, meditative performances that draw attention to the space in which they occur and the relationship between the audience and the performer. KNOW addresses women’s struggle, strength, and perseverance using voluntary audience participation.

IDENTIFY is the National Portrait Gallery’s performance art series, which focuses attention on activism, visibility, and experimentation through portrayal. Support for the IDENTIFY series has been provided by an anonymous donor and The Skanby + Gould Foundation.

The performance is in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ Now Be Here initiative, which celebrates and supports women artists.

Artist Statement

In a political environment in which there is enormous pressure to see in black and white, I think there is value in spending time in a world that invites infinite possibility of meanings and interpretations. I repurpose common objects to reveal new associations. Warmth and coolness are important to me – the warmth of kindness and a welcoming atmosphere to the performer and audience members, the cool logic of an abstract point made. I feel, sometimes wistfully and sometimes hopefully, that we are at the end of something in our culture, as if we are all sitting around a dying fire, waiting to say goodbye.

Sarah Huckleberry sitting cross legged on floor and arranging small sticks of wood
Photo by Bob Raymond, Mobius.