Rights & Reproductions

The National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collections document the diversity of individuals who have shaped the history and culture of the United States. The National Portrait Gallery is committed to making its collections accessible as part of the Smithsonian Open Access Initiative. This means you are free to download, transform, and share thousands of portraits for any purpose, for free, without permission from the National Portrait Gallery. To identify these images, look for the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) icon below an image:

CCO icons

If an image is not available under CC0, or if you need a higher-resolution version of an existing image, please submit your image request to the Office of Rights and Reproductions by filling out our Image Request Form or contact the Office of Rights and Reproductions at NPGRightsOffice@si.edu 


What is Open Access?

To learn more about the National Portrait Gallery’s open access collection, please visit our Open Access FAQ page.

What if an image I need is not available, or if I need a higher-resolution version of an existing image?

To request an image not available under Open Access or to request a higher-resolution version of an existing image, please fill out our Image Request Form.

What is the cost of ordering high-resolution digital reproductions?

The National Portrait Gallery makes available, without charge, all digital reproductions.

What is your turnaround time for processing?

NPG will provide images in a timely manner, as long as a high-resolution digital copy exists. If new photography is required, please allow up to 3–5 weeks from the date of request. Copyrighted or restricted images will require additional clearances by the requestor, delaying processing until copyright is cleared.

Does the National Portrait Gallery hold the copyright to all images within its collection?

Although the National Portrait Gallery may own a specific piece of art, the artist or his/her estate may still hold the copyright to reproduce the work. Copyright permission must be obtained before the National Portrait Gallery can agree to the publication of an image. Search our online collection database to learn if an image you would like to request from the permanent collection has copyright restrictions. For more information about the copyright status of a specific work in our collection, please fill out the Image Request Form or contact the Office of Rights and Reproductions at NPGRightsOffice@si.edu.

Do you provide printed reproductions of items in your collection?

No, the National Portrait Gallery only provides digital files of works of art in the permanent collection.

Do you request a gratis copy of the publication in which I have used a Portrait Gallery image?

The National Portrait Gallery would appreciate a complimentary copy of each publication in which the museum’s image appears.  Please send a gift copy to the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Office of Rights and Reproductions, MRC 973, PO Box 37012, Washington, DC, 20013