One Life: Echoes of Elvis

January 8, 2010 - August 29, 2010

Elvis Presley began his career as a musician, but by the time he died in 1977, he was much more than an entertainer. Elvis did not have legions of fans; he had millions of fans. His life was filled with superlatives, and interest in him has assumed a cultlike status since his death. While most celebrities enjoy arbitrary public favor for short bursts of time, Elvis remains in the spotlight. His postmortem career carries an ever-increasing resonance. His image is more recognizable now than it was at the pinnacle of his career, and arguably, the face of Elvis is one of the most recognizable human images in history.

"Echoes of Elvis" opened on January 8, 2010, marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth. 

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