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The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery announces the second season of its PORTRAITS podcast, which explores the real stories of extraordinary people. In season two, the Portrait Gallery’s director and podcast host, Kim Sajet, will chat with historians and thought leaders to explore how a single moment in time can contribute to a long-lasting legacy for some, while a lifetime of daily activism for others can be left off the canvas. Sajet will ask, “Even when a picture is made, how do you convey the vastness of a person’s achievements or the essence of a lifetime through a single image? And what life of its own does that image take on when shared?” All new episodes for season two will premiere bi-weekly, on Tuesdays, beginning with a teaser March 24 and will continue into June.

 “The PORTRAITS podcast allows us to go beyond the frame and unpack the important stories that humanize the faces within our collection,” Sajet said. “In light of the recent COVID-19 virus and the museum’s temporary closure, episodes in season two take on new meaning in this moment of social distancing by highlighting the portraits and lives of individuals who took action to better the life of a nation.”

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